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Advantages Sphere Business

A complete connection path

High-performance and secure WiFi operator

Technical settings and real-time statistics

Because a WiFi network can be much more versatile than you think, the professional WIFI solutions operator NomoSphere offers its Sphere Business tool.

A marketing tool of excellence !

Opting for Sphere Business means having a reliable, high-performance and secure WiFi operator, while benefiting from features to carry out marketing actions.

Thanks to this tool, it becomes easy to set up a complete connection path composed of an image or video communication campaign, a customizable connection portal with several possible authentication modes and an online survey.

Sphere Business features :

  • Portal customization and multi-modality login,
  • Customized login path and marketing campaign management,
  • Technical settings and real-time statistics,
  • Business WiFi and RGPD and CNIL compliance.


How to turn your WiFi into a real marketing tool ?

SPHERE BUSINESS includes not only all the features of SPHERE CONNECT but also the marketing features:

  • Hardware configuration and integration into SPHERE
  • Management of user authentication
  • Standard login portal
  • Content filtering
  • User databases
  • API for interfacing with a CRM or PMS
  • Legal compliance: data backup in France, responses to legal requests, CNIL & RGPD compliance, CGU, OPTIN, …
  • Creation of the first connection portal in the image of your graphic charter
  • Connection statistics
  • Technical support based in France

The tool includes the following marketing features :

  • Customization of the WiFi connection portal (CMS)
  • Creation of image or video campaigns
  • Creation of Polls

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