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Advantages SSDr chair

Long-lasting materials

Easy to assemble in minutes

Comfortable, timeless and durable

The SSDr chair is easy-to-assemble, long-lasting and made with sustainable high-quality materials, 100% made in Europe.

The SSDr chair is the result of 1.5 years of challenging and hard work towards the creation of a beautiful, useful and sustainable piece of furniture.

In the furniture industry, the use of recycled plastic is almost inexistant and we see the SSDr chair as an additional proof that plastic waste can be turned into timeless and durable items.

It is a new milestone in our mission to create sustainable furniture.

In this version of the SSD chair, the seat and backrest are not made of wood but of recycled PP plastic.

PP or polypropylene is a widely-used type of plastic that can be found in food containers, household appliances, automotive parts and more.

The legs are made of steel (the most recycled material on earth, it is almost infinitely recyclable).


  • Materials : The TIPTOE legs are made of powder-coated steel. Seat and backrest in recycled PP plastic.
  • Manufactutring : 100% made in Europe including in our family factory in France.
  • Height: 82cm
  • Seat height: 47.5cm
  • Large: 54.5cm
  • Diameter: 40.5cm
  • Weight: 5.7kg

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