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Advantages Vinacoustic Dune

Waterbase ink

A full grained leather look

Allows the wall to breathe thanks to its micro-perforations

Coated micro-perforated vinyl on acoustic felt-lined backing. αw 0.25 / NRC 0.25

A full grained leather look, a fine and timeless material as an acoustic and decorative solution. This authentic and timeless decor gives your walls an understated and exquisite style, creating a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.

Vinacoustic is an emblematic collection of Texdecor acoustic wallcoverings created 15 years ago.
This time our stylists have developed a new colour palette around essential naturals taken from saddlery and leatherwork like taupe, ivory, camel or elephant grey, lifted by coloured leathers such as Hermès orange, storm-blue or moss green.

Improves acoustic comfort

  • Sound correction performance : αw 0.25.

Meeting the requirements of the “NRA”, the standards regarding acoustic requirements for collective housing, health and educational establishments, schools, hotels and offices. Details are available at

High impact resistance and perfect finish

  • Thanks to the 640g/M² of colour impregnated PVC for all colours : the seams are invisible.
  • Its double-coating and padded backing (3.5mm thickness/250g/M²) absorbs impacts without damaging the resistant surface of the wallcovering. Probably the most resistant wallcovering, for heavy-duty usage.

Easy-care and hygenic

  • Washable – scrubbable / anti-microbial Biopruf treatment available to order on request.

A cost-effective solution

  • Acoustic and decorative in one product.
  • Can replace the installation of an acoustic ceiling, often an unsightly option.

Rapid hanging and simplified wall preparation

  • Good coverage thanks to its 3.5mm thickness and soft fleecy backing.
  • Extra wide 130 cm / easy hanging : free match.


  • Decor printed using non-solvent, water-based inks
  • Production ISO 14001
  • Vinyl without phthalate
  • Energy saving thanks to its heat resistance (avoids cold walls and thermal bridges)


  • Eco-friendly : Phthalate free vinyl / ISO 14001 / thermal insulation : 0,08 m²K/W / VOC A+
  • Very resistant : Suitable for heavy-duty use ; 640 g/m²vat-dyed PVC.
  • Acoustic absorption : NRC 0.25
  • Micro-perforated, impregnated dye-method (waterbased dyes) on acoustic polyester backing
  • Weight 890 g/m², thickness 3.5 mm
  • Width 130 cm / Roll length 25, 15, 10, 5 L.M., roll holder
  • Extra washable and brushable
  • Fire resistance M1 / Euroclass C s3 d0
  • Very good lightfastness : ≥ 6 (1-8)
  • Bio-Pruf treatable for minimum 500ml, upon request
  • Hanging instructions : vinyl adhesive Ovalit TM – Ovalit F

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