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Advantages ​​Water systems

Built-in systems

Flexible water solutions

clients from Michelin Guide restaurants

Nordaq’s water systems vary in range, to suit any need and will to invest in a more sustainable world. Our clients range from Michelin Guide restaurants, cruise ships, resorts, hotels, casinos and exclusive stores. Whether you are in need of a few bottles or over 2000 an hour, we provide an end-to-end solution.

Manual systems

Our manual systems come as built-in systems, on the counter or stand alone. We have a library of options to suit your space whether it is a high end restaurant, private yacht, gym, spa or office. We can find the design and solution that fits your space and capacity.

Semi-automated systems

Our Semi automated systems are used at boutique hotels and cruise lines. It allows you to fill 5 or 6 bottles of still water at a time and can be used with several of our different bottles.

Automated systems

Our automated systems come in two versions: a smaller for still and optionally sparkling water and a larger with integrated washing and rinsing for still water only. All machines have date- printing integrated and an IoT system for remote monitoring and statistics.


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