Transmitting messages through olfaction

Solutions parfum

Solutions Parfum is a company based in Grasse, world capital of perfume, founded by Karine DERACO.

Aware that the sense of smell is at the crossroads of our emotions and our memory, we immerse ourselves in your DNA and rely on the perfume tool to accompany you in a global corporate strategy by transmitting messages through olfaction. We work with 3 steps:

1.Analysis and objectives

2.Olfactory identity

3.«Perfume» holders Our expertise of more than 20 years in the perfume industry allows you to reach your customers, your teams in any place and in compliance with your budget.
Our structure where the human is always at the heart of exchanges, allows to combine a perfumery with an industrial control and its optimized costs while keeping a soul and a quality of artisanal manufacturing,
Our products are always made to measure, on demand in workshops on a human scale located in France.




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