Why having tablets at the hotel


Bowo, the digital solution that revolutionizes the hotel stay.

Bowo is a white label digital service for hotels that offers travelers a 360° personalized experience. It is composed of two elements:

  • a multi-device application created tailor made for each hotel, which is available to the customer on a digital tablet in the room. This allows the client to access all services: marketplace, entertainment, home automation, concierge chat, room directory, booking of intra and extra hotel activities. Recently, Bowo launched its “”SMART HUB””, a hyper-customized customer experience thanks to a native multi-device App. A real “”room brain””, each App-HUB allows you to connect the available digital elements, i.e. telephony, television, application, home automation, voice control…
  • for the hotel operator, the digital Bowo service has the advantage of offering a Back Office integrated with the internal reservation software, the PMS (Property Management System). It thus becomes a work support and marketing tool. The solution also has the advantage of adapting to all types of establishments, from apartment hotels to palaces and 3, 4 and 5 star hotels.



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