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January 2022

eh! Daily, a look back at 2021

December 2021

eh! Daily Design and Foodservice

November 2021

Episode #3 – How can the DNA be preserved despite project constraints
(with suppliers)?”

October 2021

eh! talk “How Ghost, Dark, and Virtual Kitchens Became a Staple in Foodservice?”

September 2021

eh! Daily focus Wellness and Foodservice

September 2021

eh! talk “How the spa affects hotel attendance in the future (and adaptability to the local market)?”

August 2021

eh! Daily focus Hot Spot Hotel Nest by Gallery

July 2021

eh! Daily focus Design

July 2021

Episode #2 – How to incorporate the DNA into the Interior Design (with designers)?”

June 2021

eh! Daily focus Franchise & Services

June 2021

Episode #1 – How to define the brand pillars (with brand operators)”

May 2021

eh! Daily focus Design

May 2021

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Become a franchisee in the hospitality industry

Opening a hotel is a financial investment but also a time investment. Becoming a franchisee of a large hotel group is a good way to ensure the sustainability of your business.

The burger, a safe bet for consumers

We all know the burger as a meal must-have. It has been reinvented for several years to be declined in all possible and imaginable ways. Colored breads, French cheese or even vegan, the burger has become essential to the menu of restaurants.

Fast casual, new food trend

Halfway between the classic restaurant and the fast-food, the fast casual offers an alternative to eat quickly and healthily

Maximise the environmental impact of your business.

Staying in a hotel has a higher environmental impact than we might think. Between transport and waste, the bill quickly increases. With the number of tourists expected to double in a few years and the customers being more and more sensitive to the environmental stakes, the way of staying in a hotel must be reviewed and adapted.

New technologies, a major part of the Hospitality business!

New technologies are becoming an important part of the hospitality industry. Customers are looking for services that will make their experience more unique and personalised through automated devices.

Organic farming, the future of catering ?

Organic products are associated to quality and health, and are becoming a selection criteria for the choice of their establishment.

The way to ecotourism

The hospitality sector is making a strategic shift towards a more sustainable model.

Next stop Italy!

Immerse yourself in the Italian culture! Country of gastronomy and design, Italy is still as attractive as before.

Hospitality trends 2021

Hotels are banking on various trends in order to improve stays not only in terms of quality of service but also in the layout of the spaces.

Provide relaxation moments

How can you provide your customers with serenity and well-being? What little touches can you offer them to make a difference?

The must-sees of the month!

Discover products and services acclaimed by the eh! ONLINE community and contents created by our experts to help you in your projects.

Go digital!

How can you build customer loyalty through the digitalisation of services? What are the trends in restaurant and/or hotel digitalisation?

A safe reopening!

How to reassure your customers? How can you optimise your establishment to comply with sanitary standards?

2 days to go before the reopening!

How to receive the public while maintaining a click and collect offer? How to fill my establishment and manage my reservations?

Bar Space by Oscar Lucien ONO

Oscar Lucien Ono brings you the most beautiful signatures in decoration and design for a timeless bar area!


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