Medical Wellness Congress


Medical Wellness Congress is the first European event reuniting the wellness universe with medical beauty, and will represent an opportunity for all main players in this sector to share their vision on the event main theme: INTEGRATING HEALTH IN WELL-BEING

What can be expected from medispas in terms of new techniques and equipment

How new technologies realized the transition from medicine to wellness, the rising trend of technical advice in spas and the new innovations responding to this trend, how standard protocols in medical spas be personalized to the customer’s needs, and the training that this personalization might require.


Julien Flotats – Chief Operating Officer of Corpoderm


Rainer Bolsinger – CSO & CMO of Art of Cryo


Moderated by: Mr. Norbert Hintermayer – head of Wellness World Business

Science-led Wellness in luxury Hotels & Resorts

Discussion about the status of the gap between tradition beauty centers and spas on one hand, and medical wellness oriented establishments on the other hand, the core principles of Chenot group and their evolvement, the Biologique Recherche methodology and the new innovations, whether there are any developments in treatments targeting the new skin demands following the pandemic, the innovation in training and educational programs.


Dr. George Gaitanos – Chief Operating & Scientific Officer of Chenot Group


Mr. Pierre-Louis Delapalme – Co-Chairman of Biologique Recherche


Moderated by: Mr. Jean-Guy de Gabriac – Founder of World Wellness Weekend

A Return to Nature : The Importance of the Natural World for Mental Health and wellness

Discussion about the differences between medical tourism and wellness tourism, and how they intersect/overlap, how and why the pandemic made people realize how important reconnecting to nature is, how to include nature in a medical wellness facility, how the healing powers of crystal can be related to the medical wellness industry.


Andrew Gibson


Elizabeth Contal


Jane Kitchen


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