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Advantages Closed back polyester sponge slippers 200g/m²

Indoors and outdoors

Can be used for several days

Kraft hygiene strip packaging

These closed-back sponge 200g/m² slippers are comfortable thanks to their 2mm lining on the sole and 4mm of foam on the top. They are very pleasant to wear. They have an anti-slip sole made from synthetic rubber (EVA) which is 5 mm thick and a seam with polyester stitching.

They can be used indoors and outdoors (swimming pool, etc.) for several days.

They are available in two colours, black or white, in two sizes : Men (length 30cm) and Women (length 27 cm).

For white Men’s slippers, there are several variations in the colour of the stitching: the side comes in six different colours: black, blue, light brown, dark brown, green and dark red. They can be coordinated with the colour code of your hotel or rooms.

They contribute towards environmental respect: each pair is packaged in a kraft hygiene strip, no more plastic sachets ! The image of your hotel is promoted.

Rather astutely, you can affix a sticker with your name/logo on the kraft strip to further personalise your slippers.


  • Size : Men (length 30cm) and Women (length 27 cm)
  • Material : Terry
  • Sole material : Eva 5mm
  • Individual packaging type : Hygienic kraft paper tape
  • Shape : Closed
  • Colour : White, dark green topstitch
  • Fabric Weight : 200 g/m²
  • Use : Inside / outside
  • Version : Closed


1.1406 € HT


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