hotellerie restauration

Advantages A2 nomastyl® cornices

Fully recyclable

Humidity resistant

Lightweight material

The A2 NOMASTYL® coving is a timeless feature which adds a perfect finishing touch. Combining lines and curves has produced interesting depth and shadow on the cornice. Whether installing in a home or public space, the A2 NOMASTYL® adds subtle dimension and texture to a room.

The process of installing the A2 NOMASTYL® coving is fast and efficient, due to the lightweight nature of polystyrene. This material is also moisture-resistant and therefore ideal for humid environments like bathrooms.



  • Dimensions 50 x 50 x 2000 mm.
  • Packaging unit 100 m/box.
  • SAP 3003160.
  • EAN 5412938509473.
  • Product style Timeless.
  • Product type Cornices.

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