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Advantages Abu Dhabi White

Ultra Hygienic

A versatile product

Can be used in any application

Inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, this design evokes the sunny landscapes of the Persian Gulf coastline. With its soft golden veining and grey speckles, it offers an original yet understated look. As if you were looking at the shimmering subtlety of the desert.

Discover this model’s range of thicknesses and finishes and choose which one works best for your space. Each available thickness type indicates the particular use for which it is designed. So that you can make the best decision.

6mm: The most versatile thickness. It can be used for indoor and outdoor cladding. It is also suitable for exterior and interior flooring, furniture cladding and cabinets. Available in 3200×1500 formats and silk, polished finishes.

12mm : Thickness recommended for kitchen and bathroom worktops.

20mm : 20 mm thickness recommended for kitchen and bathroom worktops.


  • 25 Year Limited Warranty,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Ultra Hygienic,
  • Bacteria growth prevention technology,
  • UV resistant.

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