hotellerie restauration

Advantages AIRPANEL luminaire

Simple to mount

Safety and environment

The lighting quality is a major factor

Anechoic fabric cover with an open-cell absorbent incorporating a reservation for a wide range of lighting fixtures
AirPanel brings two benefits of use: visual comfort and acoustic comfort.

Texdecor has designed and marketed a range of acoustic panels to be attached to ceilings or walls. To integrate them tastefully and effi ciently to the existing décor, it has become obvious that the lighting units must be flush with these panels. The renovation of any facility is a good opportunity not only to enhance its efficiency, its décor and its acoustic comfort but also its lighting.

All buildings are different, all spaces require specific lighting requirements. Light plays an essential role in our daily lives: It contributes to health, security and energy, it enhances our work conditions and improves our effi ciency. In offi ce or teaching environments, the dissemination of information mainly depends on vision. Light also participates in the attractiveness of spaces, in highlighting architectural decors, in restaurants, customer lobbies or even reception rooms. The lighting quality is a major factor.


Aesthetics :

  • 12 shapes allowing a layout adapted to the architecture of the buildings. The brochure «Textile AirPanel» presents the supply of textiles and colors available for the covers.

Simple to mount :

  • Wall and ceiling : rails or sling cables

Safety and environment :

  •  Complex : Fabric + absorbent is M1/ Oeketex absorbent

Acoustic performance :

  • NRC 1 = maximum acoustic performance • αw 1 = maximum acoustic performance

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