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Advantages Art By Sichenia

Floral textures

Hand decoration

Original wall tiles with geometric patterns

Art project by Sichenia is a think-tank in which new ways of enriching and blending its products are developed by transferring the concept of hand decoration onto porcelain stoneware. The peculiarity of this new project is the connection that is created between a wide range of Sichenia floor and wall solutions.

In full harmony with the Italian stylistic trends, Sichenia’s creative laboratory develops a fine selection of Third Fire decorations, combining creativity and color : original wall tiles with geometric patterns, floral textures, soft, intense, metallic colors and iridescent grits.

The project consists of six lines:

  • Tropical : The golden textures guide us to distant places, to reunite with an exotic nature. Luxury and elegance conquer the mind and eyes of those who experience space.
  • Japan: Sakura is a triumph of color, life and purity. With Japan we immerse ourselves into nature to experience the ephemeral beauty of these flowers.
  • Botanica : A delicate graphic design, surrounded by two light colors, enhances elegance and vitality with evergreen compositions.
  • Shapes : Gleaming and golden shades give life to a harmonious and precious environment, welcoming a perfect balance.
  • Plume : Beautiful combinations unfold in the space with colored shades suitable for environments that want to stand out.
  • Peony : The floral beauty of the queen of flowers blooms on the surfaces creating a young and balanced environment.

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