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Advantages Asterio hotel management software

The ideal solution for managing all your hotel services

Quickly fill in the housekeeping report to plan tasks for your housekeeping staff

Process all individual or group bookings quickly and set your rates in a flexible way within a single hotel software application

A mobile, touchscreen management application that assists you in your everyday hotel activity.

Take back control of your bookings, manage your rates in a flexible way, plan your activity and housekeeping work with ease. For a hotel, it’s vital to master how you sell your rooms, make direct sales, get to know your guests better and use effective planning software.

Asterio hotel management software, a bona fide business assistant, offers you features dedicated to hotel properties for maximum benefit. From entering housekeeping reports to managing your clientèle, from fast booking to marketing, Asterio assists you, your receptionists and housekeeping staff every day. A fully web-based management solution that’s mobile, intuitive and easy to get to grips with, for ever greater customer satisfaction.

Asterio hotel software offers you a broad, real-time overview: in just a few clicks, you get an immediate view of available rooms and the equipment you can offer your customers to help you keep track of your activity, Asterio provides you with exportable management reports and a panel of indicators to view your sales and forecast items.

With Asterio hotel management solution, don’t lose any more time organising and keeping track of your housekeeping logistics. You can respond quickly to urgent issues and maintenance tasks, and your team can fill in the housekeeping report directly on a tablet for greater efficiency.

The Asterio assistant makes life easier for your receptionists, with amazingly useful features! Directly on the planner, you see bookings with colour codes and move them using a simple drag & drop system. Save precious time with group bookings thanks to advanced management tools in the front office: fast booking, add stays, products and services to the booking record as you go.
The rate and billing management functions are among the most extensive on the market.


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