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Advantages Asymmetric duo

Ergonomic design language of the interior

Generously sized storage area

Exciting contrast between the clear lines of the bath rim and the flowing

With its generously proportioned storage shelf, the ASYMMETRIC DUO also has a spatial dimension. It can be used as a seat or for holding bath utensils, and also for the individual positioning of taps.

There is a charming contrast between the precise and clear form of the bath rim and the ergonomic, flowing design language of the inside. Furthermore, the outflow set flush into the base of the bath is an elegant and harmonious solution.

  • Plage horizontale de dimensions généreuses, utilisable également comme assise ou pour le positionnement de robinetterie de bord de baignoire
  • Cache bonde et volant de trop plein émaillés intégrés au design des baignoires (aussi avec fonction de remplissage intégrée
  • Le bain à deux : deux dosserets inclinés identiques et bonde centrale
  • Fabriqué en acier émaillé KALDEWEI


KALDEWEI steel enamel is extremely resistant, durable and sustainable. Robust steel and fine glass, two authentic, natural materials form an inseparable bond.


An exquisite, sustainable material like KALDEWEI steel enamel deserves a timeless design. Our bathroom objects will touch and delight you each day. In addition to our own creations, we rely on the expertise of renowned designers.


We live and produce sustainability. Steel enamel is made from natural raw materials and is 100 percent recyclable after a long life cycle. That makes KALDEWEI steel enamel the most sustainable material in your bathroom!


  • Model : 740
  • External length a1 : 1700 mm
  • Internal length (top) a6 : 1570 mm
  • Internal length (bottom) a7 : 1246 mm
  • External width b1 800 mm
  • Internal width (top) b6 616 mm
  • Internal width (bottom) b11 500 mm
  • Depth inside c1 400 mm
  • Depth incl. waste hole c2 425 mm
  • Height with feet c3 540 – 560 mm
  • Height of rim c4 32 mm
  • Shelf e9 122 mm
  • Width of rim (foot end; long side) e1
  • ; e2 65; 62 mm
  • Distance top edge to centre of over ow hole  : 1 70 mm
  • Distance bath edge to centre of waste hole  : 2 850 mm
  • Distance centre of waste hole to centre of over ow hole  : 7 300 mm
  • Diameter of overflow hole  : 8 Ø 52 mm
  • Diameter of waste hole  : 9 Ø 52 mm
  • Distance bath edge (foot end) to start of grip g1 702 mm
  • Distance bath edge (foot end) to end of grip g2 998 mm
  • Distance foot end of bath edge to centre of foot h2 550 mm
  • Distance between the feet h4 600 mm
  • Width of feet max. h6 445 mm
  • External radius  /1 23 mm
  • Water volume 123 l
  • Net weight 49 kg
  • Anti-slip 348 x 348 mm
  • Full anti-slip 740 x 252 mm

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