hotellerie restauration

Advantages Baguette gourmet maxi

A golden crust

Very crispy and fine

Quality and versatility

The gourmet baguette PLUS has a very thick crumb, a golden crust, very crispy and fine, and a soft floured coating that gives it a rustic touch. This thin and elongated baguette has a soft and light flavor that makes this loaf a bread that combines with any food. It is ideal as table bread for every day, for sandwiches, and on toast for breakfast.


  • Pre-cooked weight : 285 g.
  • Cooked weight : 250 g.
  • Length(cm) : 54.5 cm.
  • Width(cm) : 6 cm


  • Defrosting : 20 min. | room temperature
  • Cooking : 15 min. | 200ºc


  • Dimensions : 598x398x309
  • Units per box : 33 units/box | 24 boxes/pallet

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