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Advantages Meta I/O

Filter your data by ROI, income, advertising expenses

An easy to use solution

A central platform

WIHP offers its Meta I/O solution to hotels that want to gain a dominant position on online travel sites and stand out from the competition. This solution allows you to connect, manage and control all the main meta-search channels (price comparisons) with a unique and powerful dashboard. Synchronization and management of metasearch are perfect!

An easy to use solution !

Metasearch, Meta I/O acts as a central management platform between your CRS and major meta-search providers such as Google Hotel Finder, Google Hotel Ads, Priceline, Trivago Express or Booking (booking engine).

Meta I/O offers an easy-to-use dashboard. Thanks to the easy-to-read graphs, the user can follow the evolution of the parameters of his choice. He can control his expenses very precisely on each online booking site.

On the metasearch manager, the user can apply the same offer to several hotels at the same time and can also create hotel groups for better segmentation.

A central platform

An efficient and well thought-out metasearch campaign is the most effective way to promote traffic acquisition. WIHP’s platform integrates with leading CRS, metasearch engines and E tourism hotel chains that have proprietary systems. Currently, the company counts no less than 100 possible connections.

Note that it is possible to connect to the system with a single click and manage all of its metadata campaigns from a single dashboard.


Stay connected : Finding a hotel easily is one of the top priorities of travelers. So we’ve developed the perfect solution to help you position yourself in the meta-search and drive traffic directly to your booking system. Since our platform supports both CPCs and CPAs, you can receive +1,000,000 clicks/visit. With us, you only pay for confirmed bookings on the check-out date.

Meta I/O integrates with the leading CRS, the best metasearch engines of the moment, but also with hotel chains that have proprietary systems. When you are connected, the rates and availability of your reservation system are sent to the meta-search channels, where you appear with your logo.

Bidding system : You can easily manage bids manually from the platform. If you want to save time, the artificial intelligence will allow you to opt for an automatic bidding function.

Budget management : The marketing of travel offers in physical agencies is perfectly obsolete today. With Meta I/O’s algorithms, you can easily manage your hotels by taking into account the desired advertising spend, return on investment or conversion rate. We also give you the opportunity to individually fine-tune your position on all distribution channels for each of your hotels. Activate/deactivate hotels on all platforms with one click and discover which platforms are underperforming. If you want to play it safe, set up budget caps for each hotel or hotel chain and never lose track of your CPC.

Cost per click : Most meta-search sites operate on a cost per click basis. Costs vary greatly between price comparison sites. All meta-search sites use a simple or automated bidding model.

ROI Reporting : Meta I/O is a standalone reporting platform, which gives you the opportunity to filter your data by ROI, revenue, ad spend and more. But if you want to take advantage of more reports, feel free to download your information in Excel format to integrate with your other documents.

OTA Program : No risky CPC and CPA for hotel ads. An OTA may offer a % commission of the total booking value after conversion. Pay only if you receive a booking. Easy to manage integration.


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