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Advantages BIVO

Maximum lighting comfort

Equipped with a touch switch

Perfect adaptation to light requirements

The BIVO LT desk lamp seduces with its fine and slender lines. Its weighted base is made up of two pieces of different textures, one shiny and the other matte. The interplay of textures continues on the reflector: glossy outline, matt surface and its arms are in brushed aluminium. This alliance of materials and textures gives it a lot of elegance .

This lamp is fully articulated . Its two arms and its reflector can be adjusted for perfect adaptation to light requirements. Very practical, it is equipped with a touch switch positioned on the reflector and offers three levels of light intensity. Offering 900 Lumens LED lighting, it provides a large amount of light for maximum lighting comfort.

BIVO LT is available in the BIVO E vice version for a minimum size.


  • Base Dimensions : Ø18.5cm X 2.5cm.
  • Height Max : 76cm.
  • Width Max : 65cm.
  • Conditioning : 1 Package.
  • Light Source : Integrated 10w LED.
  • Lumen/Kelvin : 900lm / 3000k°.
  • Subjects : Steel / Aluminum / Synthetic.

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