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Advantages BOB desk lamp

An excellent visual comfort

A fully foldable arm and reflector

A very efficient integrated LED module

With its anti-reflective and anti-glare diffusing edge optics, the BOB desk lamp offers excellent visual comfort. Its sleek and sleek design brings a lot of elegance to any office. This desk lamp is articulated along 4 axes. Its arm and reflector are fully foldable. This lamp allows you to direct the light according to your needs for perfect lighting.

The BOB desk lamp is equipped with a USB port to charge tablets or smartphones. It also has touch switches on the base to vary the color temperature (5 levels) and the light intensity (7 levels).

Finally, this lamp is equipped with a very efficient integrated LED module (600 Lumen for only 7 Watts).


  • The + Product : USB Plug
  • Base Dimensions : 19.8cmx12.8cm
  • Height : 41.4cm
  • Width : 36.4cm
  • Weight : 0.94kg
  • Conditioning : 1 Package
  • Light Source : Integrated LED Module
  • Lumen / Kelvin : 719lm / 3000-6500k°
  • Materials : Steel / Aluminum / Synthetic

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