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Advantages BODUM COFFEE - Decaf CO2

No caffeine

A rich, full-bodied coffee with hints of chocolate

Organic beans from Central America and East Africa

About the BODUM CO2 Decaf coffee 

For all the delicious taste of freshly roasted coffee with none of the caffeine, look no further than Bodum’s CO2 Decaf blend. Made from ethically sourced, organic beans from Central America and East Africa – mostly from Nicaragua and Uganda – this delivers all the flavour, body and aroma you would expect from coffee, minus the jittery after-effects! In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we use the innovative CO2 process of decaffeination. This gentle, organically certified method sees green beans soaked in pure water, before CO2 is added to naturally draw the caffeine out of the bean, leaving behind all the elements that give coffee its great flavour and aroma. Whether you’re sensitive to caffeine or just need a break from it, this wonderfully rich, chocolately coffee is guaranteed to wake up your taste buds – without keeping you awake all night long !


  • Region : East Africa and Central America.
  • Process : Washed, decaf.
  • Altitude : 1,200 – 1,600 masl.

Tasting notes :

  • A rich, full-bodied coffee with hints of chocolate, resulting in a deliciously flavourful cup with a smooth finish and no caffeine.



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