hotellerie restauration

Advantages Bowl 12xH5cm brown Brush

Piece unique

The strength and durability

Round robust but very clean shapes

If you want to boost your creativity, this is the tableware you’re looking for. Create your personal piece of art and finish off the brush stroke pattern with an undeniable dish that’s ready to overwhelm the guests at the table.

These brushes are applied by handstrokes, making each piece unique with a different pattern for each item. The round robust but very clean shapes are made of porcelain, which ensures the strength and durability of the items.


  • Product Type : Bowl.
  • Diameter : 11.50 cm.
  • Width : 0.00 cm.
  • Height : 4.80 cm.
  • Content : 0 l.
  • Material : Porcelain.
  • Finish : Hand painted.
  • Color : Brown.
  • Shape : Round.
  • Giftbox : No.
  • Usage : Dishwasher safe, Microwave oven safe, Food safe.
  • Decoration Color : Beige.

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