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Advantages BWT besthead FLEX

Integrated vent valve and hose

Optional standard wall mount supplied

Simple bypass setting with locking mechanism

BWT besthead FLEX is the filter head with the most flexible connection technology worldwide. The innovative FLEX technology with angle adjustment in 30° stages enables the best possible organisation of connection hoses even in confined spaces. This saves space whilst ensuring maximum safety.

Additional double nipples or transition fittings are no longer required due to FLEX Insert components being directly connected to the filter head. A wide range of connections and preassembled hoses to both raw water and the appliance are available for installation. All of them come with FLEX Insert connections and are directly connected to the unique interface on the filter head, where a clip holds them securely in place without any need for a tool to release it. DVGW-​inspected check valves in the filter head on both the inlet and the outlet prevent water from flowing back into the filter cartridge or the water pipeline. BWT besthead FLEX and all accessory parts with FLEX Insert connections are made from food-​safe materials and can be used with all potable water systems worldwide.


  • with 2 connection pieces, 90° elbow, FLEX insert, 3/8″ AG
  • Inlet pressure, min.-max. in bar  2–8
  • Water temperature, min.-max. in °C  4–30
  • Ambient temperature, min.-max. in °C  4–40
  • Order no. Filter cartridge  FS00Z20A00

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