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Advantages Chromecast Service for Hotels




UTH has designed a Chromecast Solution that is 100% tailormade for hotels.

Our solution will enable your clients to cast any content form their personal devices to their room’s TVs and other connected displays, easily and securely.

Our Chromecast Solution guarantees an optimal user experience. Connection can be made by simply flashing a QR-code prompted on the TV and it is compatible with any type of device (smartphone, tablets,  PCs…) and any brand (Apple, Samsung,…). The connection is flawless and stable, harnessing the full capacity of your Wifi network.

Technically, we will create ‘Room Area Networks’ for each one of your guests’ rooms. Our solution guarantees the security and the impermeability of each guest room’s sub-network and its installation can be done within days. It is also independent from the PMS of your hotel and is complaint with GDRP laws.

Contact us for more information and let your customers enjoy unlimited content while saving on your entertainment budget !


Variable, depending on your network and number of displays


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