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Advantages Circle

Acoustic Absorption

Complexed with a backlight

An ambient light and a soft and warm atmosphere

Circle is ideal for interior space planning, our acoustic or luminous circles have been designed to dress living and working spaces.

Assembled with a metal wire, fixed to the ceiling, the circles are complexed with an acoustic filter to promote sound absorption and dress spaces. They can also be complexed with a backlight.

They bring an ambient light and a soft and warm atmosphere.


Dimensions :

  • 1CIRA001 : Ø 300
  • 1CIRL001 : Light option
  • 1CIRA002 : Ø 450
  • 1CIRL002 : Light option
  • 1CIRA003 : Ø 600
  • 1CIRL003 : Light option


Between 179 € and 540 €


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