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Advantages Classic

More environmental - Virtually eliminates amenity packaging waste

More economical - Less product is used by your guests

Reduced labour - Less work for your housekeeping staff

The original amenity Dispenser ! The classic is our most economical model and is very durable. Despite its low cost, this model is just as effective at eliminating waste and reducing your property’s amenity costs !

The units come with their own installation kits so they are easy to install without any special tools and are both locking and tamper-resistant so guests cannot access the product.

There is a lifetime warranty on the pumping mechanism and a two-year general warranty on the entire unit.


  • Easy to use. Easy to Install.
  • Locking and tamper- resistant Shower Dispenser.
  • Lid unlocks and lifts up for easy refilling.
  • Lifetime warranty on the patented pumps
  • Two-year warranty on all the components. All the parts are replaceable
  • Classic™ amenity labels are inserted into the dimple on the hood, easy to read, and in three languages
  • Both AZAYA™ and Classic offer two options for liquids presentation, prefilled disposable cartridges or bulk refill
  • Silicone installation kit included

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