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Advantages Communication

Avoid scheduling errors

Let your employees trade shifts

Send out your schedules by text message, by email, or via the application

Skello takes care of all your HR communications, ensuring your employees are notified about any changes to the schedule!

Send out your schedules by text message, by email, or via the application

Your employees automatically receive their schedules via text message or email, and can consult them any time. They can download the application Skello to view their schedule on the app, or even synchronize it with their Google or iCal calendar.

Need to make a last-minute change? Don’t worry, you can notify the employees affected by the change directly through Skello!

Thanks to Skello, your employees will never forget a shift or miss a change of schedule!

Avoid scheduling errors

Your employees can use the mobile app or the website to tell you which days they would like to work, as well as when they are unavailable.

This way, make sure you don’t schedule someone to work when they’re not available!

Gone are the days of having gaps in your schedule to fill. With Skello, you can rest assured you will always have the employees you need, to offer the best possible service to your customers!

Grant your employees time-off

With Skello, you can track and manage the PTO each employee has earned and taken, as well as accept or deny their time-off requests. PTO trackers are automatically updated based on the employee work schedule.

From maternity leave to paid and unpaid time off, Skello takes all kinds of vacation time into account!

Skello makes it easier for your HR department to manage time off by giving you an overall view you can use to adapt your schedules accordingly, and thereby minimize the risk of making a mistake or forgetting important information.

Have employees sign their timesheets directly in Skello

On Skello, you can update your provisional schedule to reflect the hours your employees actually worked, then print out your employee timesheets.

Skello automatically generates timesheets based on your schedule: just have your employees sign them and send them to your accountant! It’s never been easier.

Let your employees trade shifts

Does your morning employee want to trade shifts with your evening employee, just once? No problem! Just activate the option on Skello and let your employees send you requests for trading shifts.

If you accept the switch, your work schedule will be automatically synchronized!

We offer a solution for simpler, more flexible management of your work schedule and last-minute changes!

Skello is there for you every day of the week, to help you manage your employees and sites from wherever you are, no matter what happens!


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