hotellerie restauration


Non standard hotel



We design your hotel in accordance with your wishes, by developing new flexible common spaces, bars, co-living spaces, each square meter is optimized. We work with you to analyse your ideas and answer your questions to provide you with concrete solutions. For hotels undergoing renovation and affiliation, we have the same approach based on operational efficiency.


1- Design / construction

Regarding the construction of your hotel: our engineering assistance is there for you at every stage of your project (from design to delivery).

2- Equipment

For the equipment of your hotel, AKENA takes care of everything: invitations to tender, preparation, order management, purchasing, layout, art direction, IT, supplies, etc. You approve each step.

3- Opening / commercialisation

We are at your side to ensure the success of your opening: pre-commercialisation, technical and commercial training, reception assistance, hygiene, marketing.

4- Follow-up / development

We provide training at the head office and in two different hotels of the brand. We will integrate your team into the hotel when it is set up, so that you can fully understand how your hotel works.


  • Land : busy road, business park, hotel zone, 3000m².
  • Floor area : 35m²/room for rooms from 19 to 20m².
  • Private bathroom with separate toilet


Construction cost : 70,000 € excl. tax/room, turnkey, excluding land Hotel engineering contrac t: 25,000 € excl Entrance fees : 490 € excl tax/room Operating fee: 3.9% of total turnover excluding VAT Marketing fee: 1.25% of total turnover excluding VAT


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