hotellerie restauration

Advantages Covered Lava

Easy to use

Saving time for diving staff

Deletion of the rework and wiping phases

The Covered Lava IT500-S allows to clean, renovate, deoxidize, brown, rinse, dry (perfectly) all types of cutlery (stainless steel, silver metal) in a single operation via pre-programmed cycles.


  •  Elimination of phases of: Pre-soaking /White vinegar / De oxidation for silver metal
  •  Energy savings: Water, Electricity
  •  Processing capacity: 60 to 80 pieces per cycle
  •  Low temperature ecological washing
  •  Space saving, reduced footprint


  •  The cleaning, renovation and drying of cutlery in a single operation
  •  Longer lifespan of cutlery
  •  Elimination of micro-scratches on cutlery
  •  Impeccable hygiene thanks to virucidal efficiency (>99.99%) by reducing the microbial load and improving the surface condition of cutlery.

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