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Advantages D-Vine

Perfect decantation

Ideal temperature

Your wine served in a minute

D-Vine is a professional solution for serving fine wines by the glass. It is the first system that allows you to do so in perfect conditions of aeration and temperature.

The best professional solution !

The D-Vine was born after 4 years of R&D and benefits from a design signed by Constance Guisset which allows it to be integrated in all living spaces.

Our sales managers will study with you the best location for your establishment: bar, restaurant, lounge area, honesty bar, suites.

The D-Vine has the following dimensions : 25.2 cm (width), 60.2 cm (height), 20 cm (depth). It is equipped with an integrated screen and is intuitive to use.

With the D-Vine, serving wine by the glass becomes child’s play for your customers and your teams. The D-Vine Connect offers an animation in the room and creates an emulation among wine lovers who will be able to discover the history of each wine on the screen.

The advantages of the D-Vine

The D-Vine is a revolutionary solution thanks to its multiple advantages :

  • Packaging : Thanks to a patented and proven system, the wine is repackaged in bottles,
  • Recycling : Made of glass and aluminum, D-Vine bottles are 100% recyclable, just like a classic wine bottle,
  • Conservation : The bottles offer an optimal conservation of the gustative qualities up to 3 years,
  • Technology : The chip on the bottle transmits the service information to the D-Vine.


  • Weight : 11.8 kg
  • Screen diagonal : 10.1 inches
  • Recommended glass height : 15 to 20 cm
  • Height of a 10-wine bottle : 21.6 cm
  • Height of the ball : 6.5 cm
  • Length of power cord : 120 to 200 cm
  • Maximum water tank capacity : 30 cl

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