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Fruits filling

Today’s consumers are more and more mindful of the food they consume – and the impact it has on their health and the planet.

The term ‘superfood’ was coined as early as the 1990s but in recent years it’s become recognised the world over.

Within the group of superfoods are some fruits, which have high levels of antioxidants.The new Delifruit Classic Superfruit DAWN is a berry blend filling made up of superfruits: blueberries, cranberries and pomegranates.

With a fruit content of 70% and a delicious balance between the sweet and sour flavours of these fruits, this delicious ready-to-use filling is part of our exceptional range. It can be used for baked and unbaked applications.

We hope this new filling will inspire you to create new offerings that appeal to health-conscious consumers and expand upon the traditional fruits used in bakery.


  • Ready-to-use-filling
  • Adaptable: Use in baked or unbaked recipes
  • 70% fruit content
  • All natural flavours & bake stable

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