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Digital live map

Recognition of the caller ID due to call center integration

If a restaurant is closed, the orders can be sent to another location

Best for

  • Dispatch

Tool to manage and dispatch orders, manage drivers and collection.

  • Delivery Driver’s App

Android app for each driver – receive orders and manage each delivery in time.

  • Call Center

Best for multiple delivery locations.

Complete services for home delivery !

Breeze Delivery is a suite of software for picking up, managing, delivering and collecting orders, which integrates natively with Breeze POS and the KDS system in the kitchen.

Or, in a nutshell, this food delivery app aggregates all the orders and helps you deliver them as quickly as possible and in a very lean way, by grouping the orders in the same area.


  • Digital live map.
  • Call Center – best for multiple delivery locations.
  • Dispatch – tool for managing and dispatching delivery and take away orders, managing drivers and receipts.
  • Delivery Driver’s App – a mobile app for each driver to receive and manage each order in time.
  • Know your customer (if a customer has ordered before, the information will be kept).
  • Manage unlimited numbers of addresses for each client.
  • Pizza configurator – the most complex configurator for pizza selection: size, base type, toppings.
  • Future orders – Future Orders can be taken for the date & time desired by the customer.
  • Available reports for all stages: taking orders, preparation, dispatch, delivery and performance.
  • If a restaurant is closed, the orders can be sent to another location.
  • Deliver from Breeze POS – can take Delivery orders directly from POS.

Key benefits for your business

  • Recognition of the caller ID due to Call Center integration.
  • Taking delivery orders online from Breeze and Call Center for more locations.
  • The orders placed at the Call Center and online reach the kitchen directly and on the Dispatch, not a second is lost in the ordering process.
  • Offer recognition both on Breeze and Call Center to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • The delivery management is perfomed in the user friendly interface of the Dispatch – the orders are placed on the map and can be grouped visually according to the delivery area in order to optimise the deliveries and increase efficiency.
  • The payment collection from the drivers can be done with just one click after each delivery or even at the end of the working hours.

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