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Advantages Delta Q Qool Evolution


Adjustable tray

Programmable multi-drink volume

Practical and elegant

The Qool Evolution coffee machine has all the features that allow even simpler and more customizable operation while maintaining the same autonomy. An espresso coffee machine that evolves in its own image, even more Qool down to the smallest detail. Available in three colors: white, red and black.

Simple and intuitive

The Delta Q Qool Evolution is a simple and intuitive espresso coffee machine where the details make the difference: programmable buttons to set the volume of coffee, tea or herbal tea, a visible water tank for better level control, an adjustable cup rest to allow the use of tall mugs or glasses.


  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Ejection: Manual (handle) ejection of used capsule
  • Consumables: Delta Q capsules
  • Power: 1200W
  • Dimensions: 152 x 281 x 374

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