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Advantages Earth Cup®, the paper cup without any plastic liner, recyclable and home compostable

No plastic liner

Home compostable


Earth Cup ® is the first monomaterial paper cup WITHOUT a PE liner, which is recyclable and suitable for home composting.

This patented innovation can be easily recycled in the paper waste stream.

Made in France using European raw materials, the Earth Cup® is produced in accordance with the strictest food quality and safety standards and meets all regulatory requirements, with a lower environmental impact than any other type of cup.

Single-use cup, multiple-use fibre: the Earth Cup can simply be sorted with the paper waste, or placed with the bio-waste in the garden compost bin. So this is no longer a waste but a resource : its material can be used to make products from recycled fibre, or to produce compost by biodegrading at ambient temperature.



  • Suitable for all uses : Hot and cold drinks & ice cream,
  • Recyclable and easily repulpable with paper waste,
  • Monomaterial paper with no plastic liner, eco-friendly innovation.

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