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Advantages Electronic Lock

A choice of high quality electronic locks with a modern design

Without wiring, easy to install and use, state of the art

As well as for the rooms doors as for all other hotel doors

While being design thanks to a wide range of models, finishes and handles, SALTO smart electronic locks allow to manage access, guests access rights, but also staff and external providers, to know who goes where and when, with the possibility of having an audit trail of the different passages, and this very easily.

These electronic locks can be adapted to the majority of locks and to all types of doors, whether they are office doors, wooden, PVC, aluminum or glass doors, or automatic doors, anti-panic doors, parking barriers or even elevators. Mechanical keys are replaced by a card, a key fob or a bracelet or even by a smartphone for a smarter and more modern access.

Solutions without software or with software – the intuitive web-based software interface allows to manage both the “rooms” part and the “side doors / back office” part and can be interfaced with the majority of PMS on the market, it includes many features such as mobile keys for the use of the smartphone to open doors, as well as the registration of groups for example, or the modification of the room allocation, the stay extension…

SALTO is the solution for all types of hotels, from those that only need to control a small number of rooms to large resorts that need to control thousands of rooms.


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