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Advantages EOLO PURETI

Anti-Pollution Parasol

Fully Recyclable

Red Dot Award 2020

Environmental consciousness, smooth aesthetics and good performance come together in Ezpeleta’s EOLO parasol

Much like trees, the fabric of this parasol reduces air pollution, neutralizing engine gases and other harmful substances. It features a disruptive photocatalytic nanotechnology manufactured by the American company Pureti, which signed an agreement with Ezpeleta for the development of these innovative parasols.

The effectiveness of this technology has been widely proven by the most renowned American and European universities, as well as by several laboratories and institutions specialized in photocatalysis.

Upon contact with sunlight and air humidity, the fabric treated with this technology removes harmful substances and cleans the air we breathe. One parasol in your patio will have the same anti-pollution effect as two trees.

Its innovative design features an easy to use and visually attractive folding and unfolding system with a blocking push button.

EOLO consists of fewer pieces than a traditional parasol, which leads to a reduced use of raw materials and makes it easier to separate all different elements for recycling.

It is composed by four reinforced ribs with solid plastic central joint pieces. The different parts of the parasol are combined using a simple click-and-join system that provides a strong anchoring while allowing an easy disassembly. This system also allows to replace individual pieces, thus giving the product a longer life.


  • Consists of fewer pieces than a traditional parasol,
  • Composed by four reinforced ribs,
  • With solid plastic central joint pieces,
  • Fully Recyclable.

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