hotellerie restauration

Advantages EUXL400B

Auto-shut off system

Wings to guide steam and help penetration to fabrics

Stainless steal soleplate designed to be resistant and anti-scratch

Powerful and ready within few seconds, you will be able to steam your garments in no time. With its large water tank, it will enable to entirely smooth all your outfits. At 30g/min, our steam flow will easily and efficiently remove wrinkles on all kind of fabrics, from the thinnest ones to the thickest ones.

The largest water tank capacity combined with SteamOne efficiency in handheld format will make your life stylish everywhere !


  • High power : 2000W aluminium heater for longer durability
  • Constant steam flow of 30g/min
  • Ready in 30 seconds
  • 98°C steam to sanitize and unwrinkle your clothes without burning
  • Anti-drip electronic management system to prevent water from leaking on garments
  • 2 power modes to steam even delicate fabrics
  • Push / push trigger to easily control steam
  • Water level indicator

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