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Ready-to-use drops

50+ different flavours

Cold milling and IQF freezing

Fruit drops

We offer classic fruit drops, but also unique and hard-to-find super fruits. IQF granules allow you to obtain hard-to-proportion fruit and juice pieces in the exact amount needed for your product. These drops are ready to be added to all kinds of recipes.
They are perfect for smoothies, juices, milkshakes, ice creams and sorbets in portion control.

Vegetable, fresh herb and spice drops

Our herb drops are very refined purees made from the fresh green leaves and stems of plants. They contain more than 50% of high quality products. Spice drops are obtained from the other parts of the plant (roots, stems, bark and seeds). We are very proud of our herbal and spice blends.
With a small amount of our drops, you can add original flavours to your dishes.


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