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Advantages Glass canopies & glass houses

A design for purists

Wide range of canopy shapes

Protection from wind and weather

Solarlux modern glass roof canopies, made from premium sustainable aluminium available in 30 colours as standard, fit perfectly to any properties architecture and will provide reliable shelter from the rain overhead. Then, with the optional addition of vertical glass panels it becomes a glass house to protect you against all types of weather, from all sides, either attached to a building or as a freestanding structure. The vertical glass panels can be closed, partially or fully opened to suit the weather conditions. Its multi-function uses include lounging, dining, socialising and outdoor cooking. In addition, there are a range of accessories to suit your requirements:

  • Solar protection : High-quality awnings offer perfect sun protection: installed on top, vertical or as an under glass awning.
  • Lighting: Make the most of the evening – built-in LED spotlights provide atmosphere and ambience.
  • Radiant heater : The HeatscopeTM designer radiant heater is sure to wow you with its high-end designer aesthetics and its modern infrared technology to help keep you cosy and warm.
  • Control system : The innovative control system enables you to control your awning and lighting wirelessly.

The benefits of the solarlux glass house and canopy

Protection from wind and weather :

With a glass house, you can enjoy your patio at any time of year. The versatile vertical glass elements provide additional protection from draughts and rain without obscuring your view. With our comprehensive weather protection, you’ll soon find your evenings on the patio stretching out into the small hours – whatever the weather.

Boost the value of your property :

Glass canopies and glass houses are a sure-fire way of increasing your property’s value. Thanks to their different shapes, colours and materials, you can always find a solution to match the architecture of your home. Their functionality and, above all, their high-quality materials and design represent guaranteed added value for new buildings and renovations alike.

Protection for plants and garden furniture :

No more wasting time constantly carrying your garden furniture and patio plants in and out of the house! A glass house will provide excellent protection for your plants and furniture while they are on the patio, all year round.

Climate buffer zone :

The glass house does more than offer protection from the wind and rain – it also acts as a heat barrier: Simply open the door to your main living area on a warm autumn or winter day and let the heated air from the glass house warm up the rest of your home.

Wide range of canopy shapes :

Whatever your stylistic tastes, Solarlux has a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes to suit the aesthetics of your buildings architecture. Design, statics, drainage, shade and ventilation are all key factors considered when planning your perfect glass house or canopy.

Accessories :

Accurately fitting accessories by Solarlux are available. Our bespoke solutions are impressive in terms of their design. the canopies, shade features and vertical glass elements are conceived precisely to work in perfect harmony with one another, right down to the smallest detail. All Solarlux products come from a single source – thus guaranteeing full functionality for many years to come.


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