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Advantages Greet Hotel

Lead the future of hospitality with a unique eco-friendly approach

Profitable business model

Easy hotel conversion

greet hotels welcome those who look for meaning in their purchase, relationships and way of living. Everyday, they contribute to make our world a better place, by giving a second chance to everything around them. Be greet!

Circular Hospitality

  • Reduce incoming resources Reduce consumption of water & energy, food, consumables Ban single-use plastic & products that cannot be recycled Favor local suppliers to lower CO2 footprint
  • Reuse existing resources Favor green energy, grey water Source suppliers with unsold stock / reused or recycled materials / second-hand product – Recycle outgoing resources Collect, recycle & monitor all residual waste Donate or sell what can be saved

Design Philosophy

  • Second-hand furniture + eco-design approach + social engagement
  • Second-hand objects give each hotel its own specific identity, whether they have been restored, or repurposed.
  • Each living space has been designed to promote fun, friendliness and positive hospitality. The decor invites guests to linger, take a five-minute break and connect with others.

Guest Journey

  • Social Hub: A shared Library, a space to relax, both for adults and kids which should have a shared library and vintage games
  • greet boutique: Hotels offer the possibility for guests to shop local products and/or second hand and recycled products as gifts and souvenirs
  • greet events: Because happiness lies more in the moments we share than in the things we own, hotels organize events with charitable organizations on a regular basis
  • Exterior space: As much as possible, greet hotels offer an exterior space for guests to relax


  • 9 hotels
  • 324 rooms
  • 2 countries
  • 20 hotels in the pipeline
  • 1,849 rooms in the pipeline

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