hotellerie restauration

Advantages Liftkiss

Smooths the fine lines of the lip contour area

Moisturizes the lips and lip contour

Soothes damaged lips

Liftkiss is an essential pre-soaked biocellulose patch that intensely repairs damaged lips and adds volume to their contour for fuller lips. With the first use, dehydration wrinkles are visibly reduced, the lips are smoother and plumped, for an enhanced finish.

Thanks to its biocellulose medium and its second-skin effect, Liftkiss perfectly adapts and adjusts to lips while covering the lip contour area.
Enriched with repairing active ingredients, this pre-soaked mask promotes effective skin regeneration, thus reducing the damaged appearance of the lips. Its formula, full of moisturizing active ingredients, has an immediate plumping effect on the lips while reducing sensations of discomfort. The lips are more supple and fuller. They are perfectly protected from dehydration.

With its unique combination of smoothing active ingredients, this exceptional plumping mask reduces dehydration wrinkles and instantly creates a visible tightening effect, on the lips and lip contour. Acmella Oleracea Extract limits the micro-contractions that cause wrinkles to appear in the lip contour area.

The dehydration lines of the lip contour area are visibly reduced. The lips are moisturized, smoothed and plumped.
This product is recommended for dehydrated, damaged Lip Instants affected by signs of aging.


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