hotellerie restauration

Advantages Likid

Smart and versatile

The ideal component for the pure line of the mixer

A high quality standard with a low environmental impact

Redefining the criteria of style : the design of Likid expresses passion and energy. Its technology, maximum efficiency.

The desire to create the best technology for water means combining a unique and emotional design with a highly innovative product, developed to make each and every experience unforgettable.

  • Design philosophy

The essential lines and extreme functionality are the result of the patented technology of the axial cartridge, which allows the regulation of water outflow and temperature and the outlet of water on the same axis.

  • A new mixer concept

Nobili’s revolutionary axial technology defines an epoch-making change in the plan of designer mixers: it eliminates the cartridge block positioned on the side of the body and makes the tap profile simpler.

  • Turning on with cold water

Likid opens the cold water supply, thus avoiding the activation of the boiler, which means lower hot water consumption, greater energy and economic savings, high environmental friendliness.

  • Pure design

The absolute purity of the organic features that characterise Likid – inspired by the cone shape and available with all details – is the pure essence of minimalism.

The refined style is the final result of a complex design project, aimed at creating a line which stands out for its complete lack of superfluous elements.


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