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Advantages LOOP toothbrush tumbler holder

Easy to attach

Can be taken off for cleaning

The cup and the holder are sturdy and indestructible

Bathroom too small? LOOP comes to the rescue with a suction cup that attaches directly to tiles. The slim cup will keep toothbrushes – and toothpaste – high and dry. Both the cup and the holder are sturdy and indestructible, and can be taken off for cleaning. For a permanent solution, LOOP can also be attached with a screw.

The LOOP toothbrush holder is ideal for small bathrooms: it simply mounts directly onto tiles using a suction cup.


  • Design : koziol werksdesign
  • Height in mm : 175
  • Width in mm : 72
  • Length in mm : 80


  • Essential basic for your bathroom
  • Easy to attach thanks to suction cup (included)
  • Screw attachment possible instead
  • RIO tumbler included
  • Complements LOOP soap dish

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