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Advantages Mad Men Jacobs Ladder carpet | Louis de Poortere

Easy to clean

Easy to recycle

100% Polyester

Louis De Poortere since 1929 – 100% made in Belgium
« We want to lay the foundations for a sustainable production cycle and minimise the ecological footprint.

The DNA of Louis De Poortere is the constant search of improving its manufacturing process and be ahead of the trend.

We decided to produce 100% recyclable flatwoven rugs made from 100% POLYESTER. »

Yet, this is not enough in today’s world. Collectively, we have to stop global warming and we must all contribute in one way or another by reducing our carbon footprint.

To this end, our development team have been working to bring new products to bear on this exciting challenge, products which are truly recyclable in just one step.

This transition has begun and will be complete in 2023. Composed of a single material, our next generation rugs are easily recyclable back into new rugs, for a loop that is true to the circular economy.

We have enriched our many rug size options with magnificent round rugs. This shape can now be enjoyed in many of our rug designs adding a mesmerizing beauty to designs in this shape.



  • Quality: Mad men Jacob’s ladder
  • Manufacturing process: Jacquard flatweave
  • Composition: 100% polyester
  • Backing composition: Natural anti-slip latex
  • Height: ± 3mm | 0,12”
  • Weight: 1500 gr/m² | 44 oz/sqy
  • Flammability according to BS 4790
  • Flammability according to CFR1630-FF 1-70
  • Flame resistance according to CAN CGSB 4.2-27.6
  • Determination of formaldehyde according to ISO 14184-1
  • Prohibit azo dyes free according to EN 14362-1


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