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Advantages MENU

Touch screen

Outdoor terminal


More attractive than a traditional menu, the MBMenu display is designed to present the restaurant menu in a dynamic and interactive way. Placed at the entrance of the restaurant, this kiosk encourages the curiosity of passers-by looking for a meal.

The daily menus can be highlighted while the user scans the restaurant’s menu with his fingertips. In addition to offering the possibility to choose the language (English, French), this dynamic menu adjusts its content according to the time of day and presents the dishes in images, for the comfort of the users.

It is also possible to take orders in order to set up a click and collect system and thus increase your profitability.

This display will provide a unique user experience to people who wish to consult your menu!

An outdoor kiosk with an interactive menu display, taking orders.

Equipped with a 21.5″ touch screen, this kiosk is specially designed for outdoor environments. It is adapted to be used in places strongly exposed to climatic conditions (wind, rain, snow, strong heat, excess or lack of luminosity…). The MBMenu kiosk, design and customizable, will fit perfectly in your environment.

Display Media has adapted its offer to the health crisis. The MBConsult kiosk provides the same services as the MBMenu kiosk, but with the addition of a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser to disinfect hands before and after use.


  • 21.5 » touch screen (1920 x 1080 pixels resolution)
  • Outdoor terminal (waterproof, resistant to harsh weather conditions)
  • Customizable

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