hotellerie restauration

Advantages NEO Direct booking

full integrated in website

Unique URL and UX between the website and the booking engine

Single administrator part for the booking engine and website

My Groom Service being the publisher of the website and the booking engine, their synergy is most optimized from the home page to the entry of bank details:

  • Unique graphic charter, same design, same colorimetry
  • Unique domain name, no tab changes, no domain name changes

NEO makes it possible to strengthen the conversion tunnel because the Internet user’s trust in the official site is preserved. NEO secures and promotes the efficiency of the reservation process.

NEO is modern and therefore interfaces with the vast majority of PMS on the market by relying on its channel manager brick, in order to manage marketing on the various booking channels and avoid overbooking.


  • NEO is the 1st French booking engine to have been developed by a web marketing agency whose core business is to optimize the share of direct bookings.
  • All the other solutions on the French market have been developed by companies whose core business is publishing hotel software. In this lies all its specificity.

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