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Advantages Organic Smoothie Bowls

Convenient plastic-free packaging

Delicious recipes and fast preparation

100% fruits, vegetables and superfoods from controlled organic farming

Our frozen smoothie bowls in plastic-free 240g packs are made from 100% certified organic ingredients and combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, grasses or even algae to delicious, balanced recipes.

Preparing the smoothie bowls is quick and easy: Pull open the pack by the tab, put the contents in the blender and blend for roughly 60 seconds with approx. 140ml of liquid – for example apple juice, almond milk or even water.

If you prefer to drink the smoothies, you can simply double the amount of liquid added.

Smoothie bowls have a firmer consistency than smoothies and can therefore be served in a bowl for spooning.

Lovingly decorated with various toppings such as granola, fruits, seeds, flowers or coconut flakes, they are a highlight in terms of taste and looks.


  • Pack : 240g

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