hotellerie restauration

Advantages PERFORMANCE I Indoor/outdoor

Very resilient and cleanable with high pressure hose

Anti-skid back / indoor-outdoor / double-sided

Designed and made in Belgium

Luxurious yet functional, Performance complements any room or outdoor space. This rug is a unique double-sided jacquard woven piece. Due to the composition of high-quality yarns the rug is very resilient. The depth and the relief are achieved by the distinctive combination of weft and warp. Because of this exclusive and innovative technique, we are able to make a wide range of colors and shades in more than ten colors.

Due to the high density and the subtle use of fine yarns we create intricate and high-quality rugs to decorate your outdoor living space and take it to another level.


  • Double-sided,
  • Very resilient and cleanable with high pressure hose,
  • Anti-skid back,
  • Depth and relief,
  • Indoor & outdoor,
  • Designed and made in Belgium.

Materials : Polyester + Decolan

Designer : OSTA I Maghalie Dooms


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