hotellerie restauration

Advantages Pizza Corner

Very compact (60x60cm)

Completely self-service

No losses (frozen storage)

PIZZA CORNER is a pizza vending machine that required 2 years of R&D and 2 patents. The customer chooses a frozen pizza from 6 recipes in the lower part, introduces it into an accelerated cooking oven in the upper part (with the pizza box). In 4 minutes he gets a hot pizza with perfect quality. The concept does not require any intervention for the point of sale and generates no loss (frozen storage).

Payment is integrated into the machine using a card reader : the customer unlocks the door of the freezer with his bank card. Once the door is closed, the machine detects how many pizzas have been taken, and the exact sum is taken from his card.


  • Requires 2 standard 220V sockets
  • Size 60x60x2.20m
  • Available in a 2-oven version for busy hotels


Lease 79 € HT / mois


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