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A turnkey solution

A complete and flexible management tool

Saves you valuable time on schedules

Plan, set up and manage the activities of your employees for optimal management of your resources. Our solution integrates all your business rules and legal obligations to obtain a personalised schedule that is 100% adapted to your needs.

Planning is no longer a headache!

Create attendance schedules specific to your company
Display availability by site, department and sub-department
Make all your changes directly from the schedule
Receive personalised alerts
Manage your workforce (present, absent, staffing requirements)
Display in real time the working time (forecast and realized)

With, halve your planning time!

You can create in a few clicks your typical days and weeks and create the schedules of your teams in a few minutes. Your employees can even consult their schedule whenever they want on the mobile application.

When creating schedules, your legal rules are automatically taken into account and your manager is directly warned if the rules are not respected during the planning process.

Monitor your teams’ attendance time

Benefit from a reliable tool to monitor your teams’ attendance time. Set up your own legal rules. Automate the calculation of overtime to facilitate planning in compliance with your legal constraints.

Managers can easily monitor the schedules of their teams for better productivity. An automatic alert system is available to readjust schedules. The management of time and attendance becomes more reliable.

Export data directly to payroll

Our export allows you to retrieve data for a specific period and send it in the format of your accounting software. This data is compatible with the main software on the market: Ciel, Sage, ADP-GSI, CEGID, Sigma, etc.


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