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Advantages RSL0414

Intuitive and easy adjustments from seated position

Provides more natural feel and greater range of motion

Independent movement arms for exercise variety and core engagement

RSL0414 Converging Chest Press features independent moving arms, This promotes more muscle recruitment and exercise variety while training the muscles involved in upper body pushing movements, including the pectoral muscles and triceps.


Biomechanically Sound

The movement arm handles of the Resolute Strength Chest Press can be angled to keep wrists in correct alignment as the exerciser’s hands converge. Independent moving arms offer the option to target training to a single arm.

Designed to Go the Distance

The oversized steel tubing of the Converging Chest Press contributes to a more durable product while also giving one of the most popular pieces of the Resolute line a timeless, contemporary silhouette. All the pivot and adjustment points are designed for quiet operation for years to come.

Advanced Training with Sony® Advagym

Strength training has gone digital. Add the Sony Advagym training and tracking system, along with the app, to give your exercisers a whole new way to train. Through the Advagym app, personal trainers can prescribe workouts and monitor their clients’ progress.


  • Length 73 inches / 185 cm
  • Width 50 inches / 126 cm
  • Height 73 inches / 185 cm
  • Equipment Weight 594 lb / 270 kg

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